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Ancient erotic art at Fanny Hill. This section tells the story of ancient erotic art and the background of ancient erotic art in the western world,l
Fanny Hill  
  History of erotica: Pornography, erotic ads, pinups and ancient erotic art


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres was well thought of by the bourgeoisie, who enjoyed his erotic paintings under guise of culture. Here is the art work ”The Turkish bath" from 1862 ancient erotic.

The bourgeoisie

The nineteenth century represented one of the most taboo-laden periods in the history of the Western world. The only acceptable relationship was heterosexual marriage, and sex should take place only with a view to having children. Art in this society functioned as a sort of safety valve for sexual lust and frustrations, and in many cases hardcore pornography was distributed via the pen or the paintbrush. Most of it was kept well-hidden.



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